Entrando Numa Fria Maior Ainda com a Família | Veja os novos pôsteres

Entrando Numa Fria Maior Ainda com a Família, terceiro filme da série Entrando numa Fria, ganhou novos pôsteres, com Robert de Niro e Ben Stiller estampando-os. Veja:

Tiago Batista

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    Hildershito 29 setembro, 2012 at 01:45 Responder

    Hi Sam, i love these mainstage vdoeis, well done! they are packed full of goodness*** i have a query similar to the last. i’ve made myself a couple of loop modules and have inserted them as bus/auxiliaries, as per your instructions, one for each of two patches in a concert. though the units are identical, and to differentiate their activation by two separate instruments, i have made a whole new set of controller mappings for the second module/patch. when i attempt to layer up a couple of loops, the first set of controller mappings overrides the second and i am not able to record a loop for my second instrument. i’m somewhat stumped as to how you change banks’ to trigger off different loopbacks though, i am only utilizing a Korg microKontrol! Sam, i was just just wondering if you would be able to articulate the loop/patch layering in a little more detail? thanx

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